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NEP CO., LTD. was founded in 1973, with its capital contributed by Ihara Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (currently Kumiai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.) mainly to conduct business activities that serve to preserve the environment.

As its corporate name (NEP: Nippon Environmental Protection) suggests, our Company’s chief operations are centered on the mission to save the environment, which includes supplying pollution-preventing chemicals, and provision of human resource and service solutions to various business enterprises. NEP strives to become and remain as a company that will continue to prosper while maintaining an optimal balance between the needs and well-being of its customers, employees, and the natural environment.

NEP has its head office in Ikenohata, Taito-ku, Tokyo, as well as three business offices and a production site called the Tokai Factory in Shizuoka, where NEP packages general industrial chemicals delivered in bulk into small containers, delivers the products using its own fleet, and also manufactures NEP’s proprietary chemical agents for treating heavy metals.

In addition, NEP also offers wastewater treatment agents, surface treatment agents, antiseptic and anti-mold agents, antibacterial agents, detergents, and other functional chemical products. As part of its diversification strategy, NEP merged with its group company Ihara Service K.K. in January 2013 in order to enhance its organizational capacity through business expansion.

Furthermore, NEP operates a human resource utilization department that supports various business enterprises' operations through staff-dispatching and subcontracting services in wide-ranging fields.

Company name



[Head office]
1st floor, Kumiai Chemical Industry Building
1-4-26 Ikenohata, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0008
Phone: 03-5834-1680
Fax: 03-5834-1690
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March 14, 1973


JPY 34,000,000

Main shareholder

Kumiai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (100%)

Heavy-metal-treating agent NEP Series

While the conventional way to remove and treat heavy metals contained in industrial wastewater has been to neutralize them so that they can be separated out and precipitate as hydroxides in general cases, there are a wide variety of methods that can be adopted depending on the mode of factory operation and the types of toxic substances being discharged by each factory.

If the generally accepted neutralization treatment method is used, it is extremely difficult to keep the heavy metal content in wastewater below the regulatory thresholds even if it is managed in the most stringent manner.

Therefore, it is crucial to establish optimal treatment methods that are suitable for, and cater to the unique needs of, the type of business being operated by each company, the treatment equipment and facility being used, and the applicable wastewater regulation thresholds.

With this in mind, our Company has developed the NEP Series of chemical agents for treating heavy metal ions contained in industrial wastewater. The NEP Series of chemical agents react to certain types of heavy metal ions to form insoluble salt that can be easily disposed of. They are agents for treating heavy metal ions that can be applied to a wide range of factory settings and exhibits drastically improved levels of performance.

List of the NEP Series of chemical agents for treating heavy metals

Product name Characteristics Applicable PH range Main customers Files
#08-H Especially effective on copper and nickel.
Large reactants, good precipitation.
7~13 Various plating business operators
Print wiring and circuit board manufacturers
#100-H Especially copper , nickel and Zinc.
Low cost.
7~13 Various plating business operators
Print wiring and circuit board manufacturers


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